Why join us?

The Surname Society provides an online resource for members to publish details of their surname studies to the online world. No restriction is placed upon members either in regard to the number of surnames listed or the number of members researching a particular surname. Collaboration is actively facilitated and encouraged as the core ethos of the society. Many members will start their surname study alone but, during their membership, will find others to partner with to augment the investigations into the name. These associates may be using diverse research methods to achieve the study aims.

Dedicated web pages are created for every registered surname, whether worldwide or limited. The location of the surname study – i.e. the county, state, country or global nature of the research – is listed, along with members’ contact details and any external website. These pages are searchable by members and non-members.

Annual membership to The Surname Society is just £5, with no additional payment required for registration of surnames or any of the membership benefits which include, but are not limited to:

  • Four editions of the newsletter, The Surname Scribbler, which are published annually and available to download in the Members’ Area;
  • Access to the Society’s private Facebook and Google+ pages to interact with fellow members; and
  • Educational materials, meetings and lectures delivered via the Members’ Area of the Society website, monthly webinars, YouTube videos and more.

There are two ways to join the Society: online or by mail. Online membership payment is handled via Paypal and cheque payments, complete with an application form, can be mailed to The Surname Society.

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