Way Back Wednesday: Y is for Yardy and Z is 'time for bed'...

December 21, 2016

This week Way Back Wednesday will concentrate on two of our surname studies with unusual letters: Yardy and Zebedee.

Yardy is a rare name centred on the Fenlands of England - Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk and Lincolnshire. The study has been going some two years and has studied clusters starting in Walpole St Peter, Whittlesey, March and Glatton (the Yeardye variant) along with migrations to USA, Canada and Australia (transportation!). Publications of this study, further details and news updates can be found on the study website: www.yardy.org.uk. [information taken from David Skyrme, studier, on the Surname Study website]


Showing my age here: "Time for bed," said Zebedee - recognise it?  But Zebedee is also a surname.  Sue Faull says:william-morris-letter-z-300px "I am mainly interested in the Zebedee surname from Wiltshire, but as I have not found a baptism for my 6x gt grandfather named James Zebedee in the county, I have decided to look at all the occurrences of the name."

In 2017, Way Back Wednesday moves from Wednesday to Saturday and becomes Surname Saturday.  Free advertising! as we will be taking various names that members are studying - in alphabetical order, like now.  So if you would like to present a brief piece on your surname, feel free!

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