Way Back Wednesday: O is for Omnipresent

October 5, 2016

O is for Omnipresent - that's what The Surname Society is! (we're everywhere!).  Take a look at these 'O' surnames registered with us:

Oldcorn, Oldcorne - anyone anywhere in the world is related to the Studier of this Surname.

Orbick, Orbyk, Horbik, Horbyk - this surname has been traced to north-east Poland, with some Orbiks still in the USA.

Outhwaite - our Studier is looking at this name in Lancashire, England.

You may think that the surname you are interested in is only in one small part of the country you live in - but, for instance, when I started studying the name Murch, I found that they weren't all in Devon, England.  They went to London, and Australia, and Maine, USA! (and back again in some cases)

Where is the most unusual place in which you have found your surname?


© Ros Haywood
School of  Surnames

Next week's letter is 'P'. Has anybody got any interesting snippets that marry up P with surname studies?  If so, please send them to Ros Haywood at sos [at] surname-society.org

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