Way Back Wednesday: J is for Jaggers, Jeffrey, and Jubbie

August 31, 2016


J can stand for so many things, and usually in genealogy it stands for large groups of people: Jews, Jesuits, or Jehovah's Witnesses!  There are also the Jacobites, who favoured James II as the 'true' King of Scotland - I'm sure you have all at least heard of the Battle of the Boyne and the Battle of Culloden.  If you haven't - Google is your friend! (Other search engines are available). There are other groups of people who 'begin' with the letter J: individuals in a Surname Study. There are three J studies in the Surname Society's list:



  • This study is of Jaggers in Victorian times in the UK and is run by Anthony Jaggers.


  • This Study is also looking at the variants Jeffery, Jeffreys, Jefferys, Jeffries, Jefferies, Jeffereys.
  • Mainly concentrated in London and south eastern counties but to be expanded to whole of UK and subsequently globally.


  • Descendants and ancestors of George and Lizzie Jubbie


To contact any of these Surname Studiers, please visit the Surname Study website at https://surname-society.org



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