The Surname Scribbler Volume 3 Issue 3 published

May 15, 2017

The latest version of The Surname Scribbler Volume 3 Issue 3 is now published and available for download from the Newsletters page for members. It is a an even bigger issue of 24 pages this time.

This issue has the following contents:

How I Research My Surname Study – Colin Spencer
Botany Bay FHS Heritage Fair
To Write or Not to Write, That is the Question? – Lilian Magill
Website News – Colin Spencer
GeniAus Gens – Jill Ball
Who Am I, or More Accurately, Where Am I From? – Carole Steers
Trying to Understand My DNA – Lilian Magill
First Forays Into Using DNA for Family History Research – Sylvia Valentine
Surname Spelling Variations - Wigzell & Crudass

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