Way Back Wednesday: U is for URL and V is for VCH

November 23, 2016

Two for the price of one this week!

U is for URL - Uniform Resource Locator  (or, more familiarly to most of us: web address) - and this week's website covers our only U name being studied: Uridge.  As the site states: "URIDGE or EURIDGE is a very unique name with only 121 instances in the UK Office of National Statistics database for 2002."  There are pages packed with interesting information, photos, narratives, and charts.


william-morris-letter-v-300pxV is for VCH - Victoria History of the Counties of England - was begun in 1899.  Each county's History covers general topics, political, social, and natural history, religious houses, nonconformity, education, archaeology, economic history, and a translation of the relevant part of the Domesday Book. 

Terrick Fitzhugh states that "a great deal of information can be found in them on families of manorial status, often covering several generations."


© Ros Haywood
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Next week's letter is 'W'. Has anybody got any interesting snippets that marry up W with surname studies?  If so, please send them to Ros Haywood at sos [at] surname-society.org

letters U and V courtesy of openclipart.org

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