Way Back Wednesday: D is for Dugdale

July 9, 2016

Sir William Dugdale was born in 1605 in Warwickshire.  As well as getting married and having NINETEEN children,  he was commissioned to transcribe all the monuments in Westminster Abbey and principal churches across England.  He wrote The Antiquities of Warwickshire in 1656, which has been described as 'one of the finest of the old county histories; it set new standards of scholarship in the interpretation of historical documents' [David Hey, 1996].   Dugdale was knighted and was created the Garter King of Arms in 1677.

Something to remember when you are clambering through weeds and nettles in order to read a very old gravestone for your Surname Study.  William Dugdale got knighted!

Next week's letter is 'E'. Has anybody got any interesting snippets that marry up E with surname studies?  If so, please send them to me at sos [at] surname-society.org

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