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May 18, 2015

William Ernest Moxon, born in Ramsgate Kent in 1863 and Thomas Frank Moxon, born in Charlton Kent in 1865, followed their elder brother Robert Julius to Australia in 1887. Initially, William and Thomas worked together, establishing a service of small steamers along the Queensland coast. However, William was headhunted by the Adelaide Steamship Company in 1890, and became its first Queensland manager and inspector.

Adelaide Steamship Company Wharf in Brisbane early 1900s

Adelaide Steamship Company Wharf in Brisbane early 1900s

William then moved with the company to Western Australia and raised a family there, before returning to his former position in Queensland in 1918. He took an active interest in industrial, commercial and shipping interests in both states, and in the days preceding Federation, he worked hard in Western Australia for the formation of the National Parliament.

In his younger days, he played cricket, soccer and hockey and was an enthusiastic fisherman.

He died at his home in Southport, Queensland in 1946, aged 82. He was survived by several children. His children were Philip, Janet, Thomas and Nora.

Meanwhile, Thomas Frank Moxon, having served time as a seaman since 1880 when he was 14, joined the Australasian United Steam Navigation Company Ltd as a first officer and then ship's master on steamships plying the east coast. He and his brother joined forces in 1891 and established Moxon & Co, working on their own account. But after 1893, he carried on the shipping business on his own, and increasingly became attracted to the timber industry. In 1903, Moxon & Company Pty Ltd was incorporated.

At the time of his death in 1936, he was the chairman of a prosperous group of companies based in Cairns, Brisbane and Sydney.

The family lived at Camden, Toowong in Brisbane.

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