Mary Mapes Dodge: Editor Extraordinaire

February 3, 2016

Mary Mapes Dodge (1831-1905)

Mary Elizabeth Mapes was born 25 January 1831 in New York City.  She married William Harrington Dodge on 13 September 1851.  She was well known by the name 'Mary Mapes Dodge', described as "so overflowing with animal spirits that she keeps her associates laughing half of all the time...She looks as jolly as she is.  She is rather short, quite stout, dark complexioned, gray eyed, black hair with very few silver threads, and accounted comely." (May 1878).

She was the editor of the St Nicholas Magazine and wrote the story 'Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates'; she was also visited by Mark Twain.  A street is named after her in Newark, New Jersey.

Mary died on 24 August 1905 and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Hillside, New Jersey.


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