Mary Ann Ashworth

February 16, 2015
Marriage certificate of Mary Ann Ashworth to Charles Patrick

Marriage certificate of Mary Ann Ashworth to Charles Patrick

Mary Ann Ashworth, of Springhill, was the second daughter of John Ashworth and was born 15 Sept 1809.

Her obituary stated that she was educated in Rochdale [Greater Manchester, England], about 8 miles over the moor. Presumably she boarded, either at the school or with friends. The Ashworth’s were close friends of the Royds family, major players in Rochdale, so perhaps she stayed there. I have been unable to trace the school but there was a school for the children of gentlemen in Rochdale so it could have been that.

She inherited most of her father's estate including the lands around Springhill and the interests in the collieries and turnpikes. Census data and her marriage certificate suggest that she never actually did a day’s work.

She married Charles Patrick in 1855 at the age of 46, the ceremony being followed by their funding supper for their tenants at the Red Lion. There was no issue.  Thankfully, for a genealogist, she had all her properties written into Trust before her marriage, a copy of which was included in the deeds to her properties.

Patrick rapidly set about developing the estate, enlarging the house, developing the farm and employing a coachman, gardener and groom. Strangely, Mary Ann saw no need for these as a single lady.

Mary Ann Patrick also inherited land in Edgeside from her mother. In 1872 she donated land for the development of a school in Edgeside. This opened in 1873 and was licensed for worship in 1876. Mary Ann laid the foundation stone ‘with full masonic ceremonial’. She also identified land for a church and parsonage and willed money for their construction. The church was consecrated in 1885, still unfinished, leading a somewhat grumpy Bishop to amend his sermon accordingly.

Mary Ann Patrick nee Ashworth died in 1883 aged 74. She is commemorated in St Anne's church, Edgeside, by a stained glass window and less obviously by half the roads in the area being named Ashworth Lane, Ashworth Road etc. She and her sister also erected a memorial to their father in St Nicholas’ Newchurch.

Her will is complex and poorly drafted resulting in a land dispute between her nieces which had not been settled 15 years later.

Janet Barrie

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Mary Ann Ashworth b 15 Sept 1809, baptised 29 Oct 1809 Newchurch St Nicholas. (LDS film 950353 via Lancs OPC)
Marriage certificate dated 9 Oct 1855 Newchurch St Nicholas
Buried 21 Sept 1883 Newchurch St Nicholas (Burials 1871-1886 p248, entry 1981, Original Parish Register via Lancs OPC)
Will of Mary Ann Patrick

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