2019 AGM & Conference Saturday 23rd March

Conference Speakers

The schedule for the day is as follows (times are GMT convert to your time please go here):


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Mags Gaulden

Surname Projects and DNA Projects, What Is the Difference?

Surname studies may or may not include a Genetic component. We will look at the ease with which a genetic component can be added by anybody, no matter their genetic ability to any surname study. Is it all YDNA? Can we use mtDNA to further a Surname Study? What about XDNA, isn’t X only handed down from the Mother to the daughter (no it’s not), can it help? And what about auDNA, how can knowing information back to our 64, 4th great grandparents give us anything about our Surname?

We will explore all the DNA avenues which might be helpful in working your Surname Project. It’s all in our Genes after all and all packed into one single hour.

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Liv Birgit Christensen

Basic Norwegian Genealogy

When doing their DNA, many British genealogists have discovered roots or being of ethnic Scandinavian descent. We will introduce the participants to Norway and how to start their research there. First, the naming customs, which can give many clues. We will show the sites the Norwegian Historical Data Centre (censuses) and the Digital Archives. The Digital Archives are the main sources of information about Norwegians and can be read both transcribed (some sources) and in scanned versions. The Church books are the main source for records in Norway, not only Vital records like birth marriage and death, but also vaccination, moving in and out of parishes and so on. These sources are all accessible for free. We will show you how to use technology in translating different kinds of text and how to write all the letters in the Norwegian alphabet, which has 29 letters.

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Daniel Smith-Ramos

An Introduction to Spanish Surnames

This presentation will cover a wide range of aspects relating to Spanish surnames and Spanish surname customs. Although some aspects may be well known among the genealogy community, Daniel's presentation will also cover additional areas which will reveal elements you never suspected about Spanish surnames. 

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Linda Romeril

Jersey’s People and Records

Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands which are part of Great Britain but located just 14 miles from the French Coast. It is a small Island, 45.6 square miles, but descendants of the sea faring Islanders can be found all around the world and their surnames have travelled with them. Originally part of the Duchy of Normandy the French influence is still felt in the names of the places and people from the Island. This presentation will give a brief background of migration and immigration to the Island, highlight some of the family names that are prevalent in Jersey, focus on the primary sources and unique collections at Jersey Archive and include a demonstration of our online catalogue which contains images of some of our most popular collections.

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Erin Tilley

Genealogy in a Land Down Under

Genealogical research in Australia and NZ, whilst similar to research in the UK, does present a few difficulties and has its own quirks. This presentation will provide you with details about how to undertake Antipodean research and what to keep in mind to be successful.

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