Privacy Policy

To comply with the new GDPR requirements we have updated our Privacy Policy. Please read it by following the link in the menu.

New database added

I have added a new database to the 'Members Only' area. The database is entitled 'Occupations'. This is a collection of occupations from the early UK census and a description of what they actually mean in todays terms. The page on the website allows you to input an occupation and it then give back the details of that occupation. The list is by no means complete but it does currently contain nearly 1400 occupations and their descriptions. If you have any to add please email the details to the webmaster.

1911 Census codes

There is a new database in the members only area of the website entitled 1911 Census. This page allows members to enter the occupation or birthplace code as recorded on the 1911 UK Census and it returns the meaning of that code.

Website availability

On Sunday 21st February our website host is moving us from one server to another. As a result there may be a short period of time where the website is unavailable. Once we are on the new server you will probably have to log in again, if you don't normally log out that is.

Website updates

A new registration district, Bermondsey, has been added to the Church Marriage Finder data.

For members I have extended the abilities of the Marriage search page. Wild cards are now enabled in the Surname search box (* for multiple characters and ? for one character).